1000ton Hydraulic wire rope pressing machine

1000ton Hydraulic wire rope pressing machine

1000ton hydraulic press machine

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1000ton hydraulic press machine:

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GT-1000T steel wire rope pressing machine is widely used in wire rope industry, mine, metallurgy, wharf, railway, electrics and so on.  

GT-1000T is pressing range of wire rope up to 56mm, and it is price is competitive.

Warranty of our swaging construction is two years;

Warranty of our whole machine is one year;

We supply life service for our customer as long as you want to use our machine.


1. The machine adopts the mechanical and electrical design, use different dies to press different diameter of wire rope, it is easy to use and safe.

2. Hydraulic system for double control, overflow control valve, magnetic contact pressure gauge can accurately control the pressure.

3. Pressed wire rope slings with smooth surface own large pulling force.

4. Making slings with little time improves work efficiency.

5. Save wire rope cost.

Technical data:

Model NumberGT-1000T
Max pressure 10000KN
Max wire rope diameter in one pressingΦ46mm
Max wire rope diameter in multi-pressingΦ56mm
Max piston movement200mm
Max working pressure56Mpa
The speed of piston8mm/sec
Dimensions (LxWxH)2200x1100x2000mm
Net weight5500kg

Application (wire rope slings):

Pressed Wire rope slings.jpg   Pressed with steel ferrule.jpg

Wire rope slings.jpg

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