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Action function of forging operation machine

- Oct 12, 2017 -

The forging operator has the following action functions: The cart is free to walk on the track, the clamp frame is lowered and tilted, the clamp head is clamped, loosened and rotated. The large frame adopts the whole frame type structure, which is driven by motor or motor. The clamp frame lifts the wire rope or the oil cylinder to drive, may realize before and after the synchronized rise or fall, causes the clamp frame to reach the level or realizes certain angle inclination. Clamp head clamping is realized by the horizontal movement of the clamping lever driven by a large pitch screw or an oil cylinder, and has a buffer safety device. The rotary clamp head is driven by the motor reducer and has an overload protection device. Vibration-proof cushioning devices are provided between the front and rear sides of the clamp frame and between the clamp frame and the lift (a large number of accessories are supplied).

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