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Application of rotary forging technology in electrothermal material industry

- Oct 12, 2017 -

This equipment uses the Yu Yu to install the electric material middle reducing diameter, the full numerical control, the automatic processing, has greatly enhanced the product quality, the processing precision is high, the operation is simple, is easy to adjust, the setting.

Including the previous successful delivery of similar equipment, users include Chengdu Nuclear Power Research Institute, Shenyang Middle Color, Yonghao, etc., rotary forging technology has shown its unique advantages, has been widely recognized by the industry. Similarly, the use of rotary forging can be used to process the Quadrilateral electric material (section is square, rectangular, flat square, etc.).

In addition, the shrinkage diameter of the thermocouple-type temperature sensor used in the automobile engine and aircraft engine has been fully matured.

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