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Forging machine

- Oct 12, 2017 -

A forging machine comprises a connecting rod, which engages an eccentric shaft at the upper end and an eccentric circular hole at the lower end; Each side is provided with a sliding surface, and the central two sides of the slider are connected with a circular hole, and the front end of the two-drive arm is provided with a cylindrical column, a cylindrical pillar is provided with an eccentric round hole, and an eccentric round hole is arranged in the bottom of the connecting rod. The circular hole with two side of the slider is matched with the eccentric round hole of the lower end of the connecting rod and the joint position of the two-drive arm through a bent shaft and the slider is driven by the connecting rod, and a round hole is arranged at the tail end of the two-drive arm; a connecting rod adjusting device comprises a adjusting seat, a screw-hole screw is arranged on the rear end of the two-drive arm, a ball screw is adjusted in the seat and a ball is formed in the A hydraulic box, which accommodates the ball at the end of the ball screw and is controlled by the oil pressure, and a tubing is arranged on the outside of the oil box and connected with a regulating tank. The utility model has the advantages of not damaging deformation in operation, and can eliminate the phenomenon of card mould in time and reduce the cost of the operators.

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