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Maintenance and maintenance of hydraulic steel wire rope Press Sleeve Machine

- Oct 12, 2017 -

1, Maintenance:

A, always keep the work space and machine clean and tidy, the outside surface of the machine must not have rust, no yellow robe.

b, always maintain sufficient hydraulic oil, oil surface to maintain in the liquid level of the midline position, keep the hydraulic oil clean and clean, prevent pollution.

C, regular cleaning of fuel tanks and filters, the general tank cleaning once a year, the filter once a year.

D, hydraulic oil after serious pollution to be filtered, hydraulic oil change to replace the new hydraulic oil.

E, the motor should be based on the actual situation, the general change once a year lubricating oil.

2, Maintenance:

The steel wire Rope inserts the machine Union unit, is a new product after the theory analysis discovered that the fault mostly occurs in the hydraulic system and the electrical control system, for example the machine does not work, the computer noise is big or the motor is overheated, the piston rod belt oil, the automatic switch button jumps back;

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