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Pre-operation preparation of forging operator

- Oct 12, 2017 -

The closed selection of forging operation machine and the firmness of cold and hot forging billet are very important to the peace of the hammer operator. In the forging process, the use of the operator and the division of the hammer and the tacit understanding of the command of the quiet production of a very tight link.

The closed size should vary according to the shape and process of the forgings. It is firmly and reliably placed on the clamp head. After the forged forging is fed into the hammer, the forging and the lower anvil face can be pressed.

When upsetting, the closed thickness shall not be greater than the height of the forging upsetting. The clamp lever is equipped with a clamping mechanism and an overload cover device. Clamping torque of clamping mechanism should be greater than rated clamping torque.

Clamping Cylinder seal good, no oil leakage (gas) signs. Clamp rod Rotation, take-off and landing, tilt and other measures of mobile composure, rotation speed to meet the requirements.

Cylinder (cylinder) and supporting seat, connecting rod and lever, such as the connection is solid and reliable, rotating or sliding maneuver, hydraulic seals good, no leak.

The medium pressure in each cylinder is normal. No damage or defect in the rod. The buffer spring is normal and there is no fracture-loss sign. Large and small car operation, no bite rail and card resistance signs. Large, trolley track at both ends of the limited range of iron is complete, reliable. Operation handle to stop the position of brilliant switch switch.

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