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Technical characteristics of forging operation machine

- Oct 12, 2017 -

The use of full hydraulic transmission, high integration valve block, large flow path, so that the system pressure loss less

High sealing performance with imported sealing elements

Oil temperature control, ingenuity unique circuit design, and really make the hydraulic system in the best condition, even in the long-term heavy load situation, can easily work

The motion system adopts the combination of cycloidal gear motor and Involute reducer, which realizes the stepless speed-variable walking and the slewing of the trolley.

Special clamping mechanism is equipped with accumulator pressure compensation to make clamping firm and stable.

Three-stage linkage mechanism makes the jaw parallel take-off and landing, clamp rod tilt, 360 degrees rotation, three-dimensional space arbitrarily flexible rotation

The power input of whole machine is more energy saving than similar operation 70%

Beautiful appearance, compact structure, extremely flexible movement, can do a great job to complete the operation of the machine could not be completed, so that the operator experience the unity of the human machine, arbitrary feeling, fully embodies the operation of the machine to the fundamental meaning of the manipulator transformation

With industrial automation control input port, in time for equipment upgrades to facilitate the conditions

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