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The function of the clamp rod hanging system of the forging operation machine frame

- Oct 12, 2017 -

(1) The main body layout of the forging operation machine has been adopted in the world, and the plan has been strengthened in rigidity. It is a two-piece tailor-welded box layout, which is a parallel frame connected by a pretension bolt and a rear axle frame, which is supported on the track by the front and rear wheels. The power transmission device and the wheel are separate parts of the body, and the wheels only support the weight without conveying the torque. The car body is driven by a hydraulic motor mounted firmly on the rack to engage the sprocket with the pin teeth laid on the ground.

(2) The clamp rod is firmly fastened on the clamp bar by two bearings, and the clamp bar frame is a forged welding layout. The clamp rod frame is connected with the hanging system by two axes and the front and rear axes are both the guide axis and the side moving cylinder, which can make the Clamp bar realize the group translation. The clamping cylinder is located in the front of the clamp rod, the clamping cylinder is resolved to pay short lever and closed connection, and when clamping the cylinder piston activity, the closure and closing are realized.

(3) Hanging system clamp bar resolution hanging system in front and rear axle, Derrick, ARM, series cylinder (flat-lift cylinder and tilting cylinder series) firmly on the rack, each cylinder alone or combination of activities to enable the clamp bar parallel lifting or up-down tilt moving suspension device of the promotion cylinder and the rack to accept a firm ball hinge joint, The various activities of the clamp stem are not bred to interfere.

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