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Maintenance And Inspection Of Steel Wire Rope

- Oct 12, 2017 -

(1) running the wire rope should be stable in the running process, not exceeding the load operation, avoid the impact load;

(2) Maintenance and maintenance of steel wire rope at the time of manufacture has been coated with enough grease, but after running, the grease will gradually reduce, and the surface of wire rope will occupy dust, debris and other dirt, causing wire rope and rope wheel wear and wire rope rust, therefore, should be regularly cleaned and refueling. The simple way is to choose the wire brush and other corresponding tools to erase the dust and other dirt on the surface of the wire rope, evenly apply the surface grease of the heating and melting wire rope to the surface of the wire rope, and spray the oil of No. 30th or No. 40th to the surface of the wire rope, but do not pollute the environment too much;

(3) The record of the inspection must be checked and recorded regularly. The contents of the regular inspection in addition to the above cleaning refueling, you should also check the wear degree of wire rope, broken wire, corrosion degree and hooks, rings, lubrication wheels and other vulnerable parts wear. Abnormal condition must be adjusted or replaced in time.

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