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Precautions For Installation Of Wire Ropes

- Oct 12, 2017 -

(1) When unwinding the coil, the rope plate should be placed on the special bracket, also can use a steel tube to wear into the rope disk hole, the two ends sets up the rope to hoist, will the rope plate to rotate slowly;

(2) The arrangement of wire ropes on the reel the winding direction of the wire rope on the reel must be based on the twist of the wire rope, the right twist rope from left to right, the left twist rope from right to left, the winding should be arranged neatly to avoid the phenomenon of bias or clamp.

(3) Shear steel wire rope should be cut at the edge of two at the cutting place 10-20mm with wire, strapping length of 1-4 times the diameter of the rope, and then cut off with cutting tools.

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