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Product Characteristics Of Wire Rope

- Oct 12, 2017 -

1, wire rope can transmit long-distance load;

2, steel wire rope can withstand a variety of load and the role of alternating load;

3, the steel wire rope has the high tensile strength, the fatigue strength and the impact toughness. The commonly used strength is 2160MPA;

4, steel wire rope at high speed working condition, wear-resisting, anti-seismic, running stability is good;

5, the wear resistance of steel wire rope is good, can be in all kinds of harmful medium of bad environment normal work;

6. The safety factor of the wire rope is large and the use is safe and reliable.

7, steel wire rope scrap standard: steel wire rope inspection and scrap standard according to cb/t5972-1986 "Hoisting machinery wire rope inspection and Scrap practical code" implementation;

8, steel wire rope should be used when the use of hard brush or wood small pieces, is strictly prohibited directly with the hand to the work of the Wire rope oiling;

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